From Principal's Desk

It gives me the pride to see that the school has carved a niche for itself and is a neighbors envy. APS Almora is a forerunner in the use of technology in education. We at APS Almora leave no stone unturned in our endeavor to make this a center of excellence.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true”. The team with me at APS Almora dares to dream and this is true “the birth of inspiration" for one and all who step in here.

APS, Almora ...

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About The School

We believe that our children are the future of not only our country but of the world. We, therefore, aspire to become a model school which promotes moral, physical, creative emotional and academic excellence through a board balanced and relevant educational system in a secular environment. We would achieve this by teaching our children to learn to think, to understand and to adopt to our ever-changing environment. We would enable them to develop their abilities to the full potential.

The school aims to create an extremely effective nationally known center of education which will not only produce students of high-level achievements but also help to train the next generation of teachers. To work with parents to encourage students to reach their full potential and enable them to discover and focus on their interests and talents to pursue their goals. To offer a safe and orderly environment for learning and also an environment that will wholly nurture the child body and mind.