Chairman's Message

Future of our great nation is in its citizens, who will be responsible to take the country further on its journey to prosperity and greatness. It is this future generation that APS Almora is in the process of sculpting and I am sanguine, it is doing justice to the great task bestowed upon it.

The school has made tremendous leaps in the domain of academics during the past year, achieving laurels that were dreams in the past. Even in fields other than academics, the school has established benchmarks that are source of envy for other institutions. This has been a result of the continuous and selfless efforts of the teachers and the midnight oil burnt by the students. While I congratulate each one of the APS Almora fraternity of teachers and students, I urge you to maintain the momentum and strive to achieve greater heights.

Good Luck and God Bless!

Last Updated On: 2021-10-25